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October 14, 2009


Kevin Killian

Hi Tim, thanks for the post about kari edwards' work and the recent books and the launch for them. Wish I was there but alas, stuck home here in San Francisco looking on with admiration for all concerned at Dixon Place.

I don't get it (however) about the palpable absence of the language poets (I guess at the event you describe)? Were they invited and refused to attend? Who organized this event? Do we need to have a language poet at every such ceremony? I know I'm missing some incredibly simple point here. Are the language poets in some sort of dialectical opposition to the "kari people"? And if so what about those in the audience who are members of neither group, what did they make of the event?

I guess the kari people reference has me chilled but I'm of a much earlier generation than yours, Tim, one raised to fear the concept of the pod people.

xxx Kevin K.

ruth lepson

love your poems in CUE, T. You are achieving a clarity that is hard won, as you describe yourself in the first poem.

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